Sharon McCristal and Juan Carlos Ospina Sanchez performing at Creative Innovation 2015 (Ci2015)

April 20, 2016
8 mins

Salsa World Champions and Australia’s Got Talent finalists Sharon McCristal and Juan Carlos Ospina Sanchez created a special salsa performance for Ci2015. Salsa can be traced to Cuban Son (1920s) and Afro-Cuban dance, or more particularly Afro-Cuban Rumba. Today, Salsa is essentially danced to Cuban popular dance music which now enjoys a global audience. Salsa has evolved into several different styles: Columbian (Cali), Cuban (e.g., Casino), Los Angeles (LA) and New York (Mambo). All styles celebrate the joy and passion of salsa music and Latin culture.

This talk was presented at a Creative Innovation Global event. To see more about our inspirational leadership programs and other events and offerings, please visit and

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