Ruslan Kogan – “The wickedest problems the world is facing today”

November 29, 2012
3 mins

In this interview, Ruslan talked about how the internet has given us opportunities and at the same time it gives us challenges to revolutionize industry. He mentioned that being “responsive to change” is crucial in this age. He also talked about how Creative Innovation Global starts the conversations and gets ideas flowing in the community.

Kogan is a privately-owned Australian company established in 2006 by entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan. After completing a Bachelor of Business Systems at Monash University, Ruslan had by the age of 23 worked at the IT departments of Bosch, GE and Telstra, and been a management consultant at Accenture. He started Kogan in his parents’ garage with zero external funding or capital, and has gone on to build one of the fastest growing companies in Australia and is now international with the launch of Kogan in the UK in November 2010.

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