Lord Adair Turner (UK) at Ci2019 – Meeting the challenge of radical automation potential

May 30, 2019
23 mins

Lord Turner is the Chair of the Energy Transitions Commission, a global coalition of major power and industrial companies, investors, environmental NGOs and experts working out achievable pathways to limit global warming to well below 2˚C by 2040 while stimulating economic development and social progress.

He is also a Senior Fellow of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, and was more recently appointed Chairman of Chubb Europe. He is a non executive director of Prudential plc., and a Trustee at the British Museum. In December 2018 he joins the Advisory Board of Envision Energy, a Shanghai-based innovative group focussed on energy technology services.

From 2008-2013, Lord Turner chaired the UK’s Financial Services Authority, and played a leading role in the post crisis redesign of global banking and shadow banking regulation.

Lord Turner has held high profile roles in public policy: he was Director General of the Confederation of British Industry (1995-2000); chairman of the UK Low Pay Commission (2002-2006); chairman of the Pensions Commision (2003-2006).  He was the first chairman of the UK Climate Change Committee (2008-2012) an independent body to advise the UK Government on tackling climate change. The recommendations set out in their first report “Building a low-carbon economy” were adopted in 2009.

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