Exponential Conversation at Ci2019: Work 2.0 – Learning to Adapt

June 18, 2019
1 hour 10 mins

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” Leo Tolstoy

Technology does not innovate, people do. If what we have today is a function of what we do or have done, and what we do is a function of how we think, what thinking or mindset shift will be needed to transform our business, government, health and education institutions and the way they work?

  • What jobs will remain?
  • What capabilities and skills will we need?
  • How can leaders and organisations adapt, respond, re-invent and transition in world of accelerating change?

In this session Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University, Professor Jane Den Hollander AO, CEO of Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) Melinda Cilento & CEO of Jobs for NSW Nicole Cook discuss the challenges of automation and jobs and skills of the future. The session moderated by Associate Partner of McKinsey & Company Seckin Ungur explored the new mindsets needed if we are to transform our institutions, economy and society to be one that best positions us for continued prosperity in rapidly changing and uncertain times.

This talk was presented at a Creative Innovation Global event. To see more about our inspirational leadership programs and other events and offerings, please visit http://creativeinnovationglobal.com.au and https://www.creativeuniverse.com.au/.

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