Exponential Conversation at Ci2019: Innovating at Scale – Reinventing large Organisations, Government and Democracy

June 18, 2019
1 hour 25 mins

Technological advancement has seen the rise and fall of many large organisations. Some have effectively reinvented themselves – challenging the stereotypical image of ponderous bureaucracies. Our public institutions and democracy itself, are also not immune from the impacts of new technologies.

  • Bureaucratic inertia vs incumbency and brand power: Is technology working for or against our large organisations
  • How do major organisations inoculate themselves against catastrophic disruption?
  • Entrepreneurism vs Intrapreneurism – Innovating from within
  • What does disruption mean in the context of Government service delivery?
  • Is technological change undermining or reinforcing our democratic systems?

In this session Chief Data & Transformation Officer of DBS Paul Cobban (Singapore), Deputy Commissioner, Design and Change Management of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Jane King, & Chairman of Thomson Reuters Founders Share Company (The Reuters Trustees) Kim Williams AM discussed some of the disruptive forces bearing down on our largest companies and institutions and consider various approaches to thriving in the face of rapidly changing customer and societal expectations. The session was moderated by Vice-Principal Enterprise, Chancellery Executive of the University of Melbourne, Doron Ben-Meir.

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