Education: Learning to Embrace the Future – Part 1

November 28, 2013
31 mins

Is education going to lead or follow us in “the race to the future?” We — of all ages– need to learn and adapt to the onrushing future. How will institution-based education play a key role in leading society in this massive change exercise? How will the last generation of teachers keep up with the current or future generation of learners? What’s the role of technology in education? From little kids playing ipads to grannies keeping up with the computer revolution and monitoring their medical health needs, what does all this mean for how people learn? And from the developing to the developed world who stands to make the greatest gains due to the mix of technology and education?

This Deep Conversation asks the really tough questions of how we can make the most out of our technological progress, while enhancing our humanity and our society’s strengths.
Moderated by Michele Levine and featuring Professor Stephen Heppell (UK), Bunker Roy (India), Meagan Carnahan (India), Richard Bolt (Australia), Dr Alan Finkel and Rufus Black

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