Deep Conversation at Creative Innovation 2015 (Ci2015) – “From Disruption to Sustainable Growth”

April 20, 2016
1 hour 15 mins

Grand Disruptive Debate: “How will we humans compete with machines that can compose, diagnose and savour a rose?”

Ci2015 Grand Debate featured Dr Peter Diamandis (USA), Nolan Bushnell (USA), Scott Anthony (Singapore), Dr Larry Marshall, Joyce Phillips and Dr Alan Finkel AO. This Grand Debate addressed the rise of the machines and how we will live together in the near future.
What side are you on?

Pessimists (affirmative side)
Computers will be so capable that there will be permanent, massive unemployment and in order for us to continue to lead fulfilling lives we will have to completely reinvent our expectations and the way we live.
Previously limited to scenarios from science fiction, uploading human brain capacity will be possible, bringing ethical dilemmas and the risk of unlimited power for a tiny number of dominant ‘people”.

Optimists (negative side)
We humans will continue to be effective, productive, happy members of society served by computers no matter how sophisticated they become.
We will finally get to lead the life of leisure we have always aspired to – Utopia might arrive!
We will all be served by machines and economically supported.

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