Deep Conversation at Ci2019: Human Intelligence 2.0: A Collective Future?

September 30, 2019
1 hour 30 mins

Ci2019 Deep Conversation featured Lord Adair (UK), Geoff Mulgan CBE (UK), Emma Martinho-Truswell (UK), Professor Kathleen Richardson (UK), Paul Cobban (Singapore), Dr Simon Longstaff AO, and the audience. This session was moderated by Peter Hunt AM.

The world is moving faster than we can think; so we have to change our thinking! As the pace of change accelerates, we are increasingly asking individuals and organisations to become more agile. Organisations (and therefore people) will have to transform and develop the systematic ability to test, learn, adjust and adapt. To tolerate missteps, mistakes, false starts, fumbles, and, yes, even failures.

That’s all much easier said than done. How can organisations develop cultures that hardwire innovative behaviours such as immersive research and rapid prototyping?

We face a host of wicked problems, risks and systemic challenges beyond the reach of existing institutions and traditional authority structures. Problems like climate change, increasing mental and chronic illness, scarcity of resources, automation of jobs and Artificial Intelligence, unethical governance and growing inequality-require unprecedented collaboration among different organisations, sectors, communities and nations. More than ever before, we need to foster collective leadership, lateral thinking and inspiring initiatives to manage the massive transition ahead.

Furthermore, leaders need to be deeply aware — right now, not down the line — of the transition taking place. And they need to have clarity about the roles they can play in dynamically steering their organisations and preparing their employees and contractors for the future of work.

This talk was presented at a Creative Innovation Global event. To see more about our inspirational leadership programs and other events and offerings, please visit and

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