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Exponential Conversation at Ci2017 – “The Future of Jobs, Leadership & Building Great Teams”

Ci2017 session featuring Steve Vamos, John Stanhope, Jan Owen AM, CEO and Richard Bolt.

Creative Innovation 2017 Asia Pacific Highlights

Creative Innovation 2017 Asia Pacific 'Human Intelligence 2.0, Thriving In The Age of Acceleration’'.

Steve Vamos – “Defining leadership and business success in the age of endless and rapid change”

Steve Vamos stresses the importance to recognise the potential of your employees and to define success

Positive human Collisions

In this interview Ci2013 speakers explain the importance of positive human collisions and how collaboration and co-creation can lead to outstanding results.

The 3 most important words In the Race to The Future

In this interview Ci2013 speakers tell us 3 words they consider to be essential to shape the future.

What is the greatest challenge to innovation?

In this interview Ci2013 speakers reveal that innovation happens at the "edges of the system" and also that it can be mastered like any discipline.

How can we improve innovation?

In this interview Ci2013 speakers explain how we can improve innovation by reaching out to the edges and involving innovation catalysts.

Steve Vamos at – “Wicked Conversations that drive Alignment and Innovation”

Non-Executive Director Steve Vamos at Ci2012 discussed how we can get better at having wicked conversations and be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Steve Vamos – “Leadership, Culture and Management Practices: for a super-connected world and high performance teams”

Steve discusses what is needed to be done to confront the barriers of creativity, innovation and productivity.

Steve Vamos – “Challenges in a super connected world”

Steve Vamos, founding President of the Society for Knowledge Economics, discusses the challenges for leaders and managers in a 'super-connected' world at Creative Innovation 2011.

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