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Danna Hochstein Mann at Creative Innovation 2015 (Ci2015) – “How crowdfunding is changing finance”

OurCrowd’s Global Investor Relations head Danna Mann discusses the role crowdfunding plays in the world of finance.

The Hon Lindsay Tanner MP at Creative Innovation 2015 (Ci2015) – “Institutions for a digital age “

Former Federal Minister for Finance and Deregulation Lindsay Tanner discusses the economic implications of the ever evolving digital age.

Alison Watkins at Creative Innovation 2015 (Ci2015) – “From Disruption to Growth “

Group Managing Director of Coca-Cola Alison Watkins discusses the vital role disruption plays in the growth of a company

Dr Rory Gallagher at Creative Innovation 2015 (Ci2015) – “Behavioural insights and public policy”

In this talk, Rory outlines how the UK government uses behavioural insights to drive innovation and connect with millions of users on a deeper level.

Joyce Phillips at Creative Innovation 2015 (Ci2015) – “The economic implications of living longer”

CEO and Group Managing Director of ANZ Global Wealth Joyce Phillips discusses the various implications of living longer in a super connected world.

Dr Elaine Saunders at Creative Innovation 2015 (Ci2015) – “Disrupting the healthcare system”

Award-winning audiologist, businesswoman and social entrepreneur Dr Elaine Saunders shares insights on disrupting the healthcare system.

Dr Rufus Black – Redesigning the Australian economy bottom up

Principal Fellow in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Melbourne and Deputy Chancellor of Victoria University Dr Rufus Black outlines the need to redesign the Australian economy bottom up.

Pip Marlow – Goodbye to command and control

Managing Director of Microsoft Australia Pip Marlow is responsible for Microsoft’s overall business in Australia

Scott Anthony – Tips from the trenches of innovation

Strategic transformation and disruptive innovation expert Scott Anthony shares the latest research from the trenches of innovation

Dr Peter Diamandis – From Linear to Exponential Growth: Using Disruptive Technologies to Leapfrog Your Competitors

Dr Peter Diamandis discusses going from linear growth to exponential growth

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