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Lord Adair Turner (UK) at Ci2019 – How do we manage the transition

Lord Adair Turner (UK) at Ci2019 – Meeting the challenge of radical automation potential

Dr Alan Finkel AO at Ci2017 – “Human intelligence 2.0 – How will we get there?”

Dr Finkel is Australia’s eighth Chief Scientist. Dr Finkel has an extensive science background as an entrepreneur, engineer, neuroscientist and educator

Zenia Tata (USA) at Ci2017 – “‘Moonshot Thinking: Setting A New Pace For Change”

Zenia Tata leads the global expansion efforts and the global development prize portfolio at XPRIZE.

Creative Innovation 2016 Asia Pacific (Ci2016) – Ramez Naam interview on AI and obsoletion

In this interview, Ramez focuses on the challenges posed by the current pace of change and the rise of robotics.

Dr Abigail Allwood (USA) at Creative Innovation 2016 (Ci2016) – “The First Female Martian”

Australian NASA scientist Dr Abigail Allwood is now one of 7 principal science investigators in NASA’s next mission to the red planet

Creative Innovation 2016 Asia Pacific Highlights

Ci2016 featured 40+ global leaders, innovators and thinkers and delivered world class creative ideas and pragmatic solutions.

Dan Millman at Creative Innovation 2015 (Ci2015) – “The power of mindfulness in a changing world”

Stanford University gymnastics coach Dan Millman discusses the vital role mindfulness can play in our changing world

Tim Flannery at Creative Innovation 2015 (Ci2015) – “Amazing, disruptive clean tech”

Best-selling author Tim Flannery discusses the impact of clean technology and how green innovations can help save the planet.

Wade Davis at Creative Innovation 2015 (Ci2015) – “A New Dream of the Earth”

In this inspiring talk Wade discusses his vision for a better planet fuelled by his numerous adventures across the globe.

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