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Dr Simon Longstaff AO at Ci2019 – Closing Keynote

Professor Rufus Black at Ci2019 – Why a futures agenda will fail if we don’t restore the centrality of place

Professor Kathleen Richardson (UK) at Ci2019 – The rise of ethics of robotics and AI

Emma Martinho Truswell (UK) at Ci2019 – What everyone in your organisation needs to know about AI

Dr Alan Finkel AO at Ci2019 – “What kind of society do we want to be?”

Dinner debate at Ci2017 – “What’s Unique About the Human Experience?”

Fine food, wine, a Grand Disruptive Debate featuring some of Ci2017's brightest minds.

Tania de Jong AM & Patrycja Slawuta Opening Meditation at Ci2017

Join us for an amazing mind travel journey with Patrycia Slawuta and Tania de Jong. You'll want to make the next 15 minutes part of your daily routine!

Deep Conversations at Creative Innovation 2017 (Ci2017) – “Thriving in the Age of Acceleration”

Ci2017 Deep Conversation featured Brian Forde (USA), Patrycja Slawuta (USA), Raymond McCauley (USA), Zenia Tata (India), Neil Harbisson (USA) and the audience.

Patrycja Slawuta (USA) at Ci2017 – “Hacking the Corporate OS”

Patrycja Slawuta is a New York-based researcher and entrepreneur

Sam Sterling at Ci2017 – “The Humanity in Technology”

Sam forged her career in digital and technology roles across Australia, Europe and Asia and today specialises in reimagining organisations in our ever-changing landscape.

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