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Professor Daniel Dennett – “Prospective gains and losses from the information explosion”

Professor Daniel Dennett, one of the world's leading philosophers and cognitive scientist talks about the 'Prospective gains and losses from the information explosion'.

Pip Marlow – “Technology in Learning Environments”

In this presentation, Pip Marlow, Managing Director at Microsoft Australia and outstanding female leader in global technology, discusses the topic 'Technology in learning environments -- will it deliver on its promise?'

Brad Howarth – “A Faster Society: From Digital Stone Age to the Post-Human Web”

Brad Howarth, co-author of 'A Brighter Future' and Director at Lagrange Communications talks about 'A Faster Society: From Digital Stone Age to the Post-Human Web'.

Tania de Jong AM – “With One Voice”

In this presentation, Tania speaks about her transformational "With One Voice" social inclusion program, highlighting the numerous benefits that diversity and social inclusion can bring about for individuals, organisations and communities.

Alison Watkins – “Innovating for Food Security”

In her Ci2011 presentation, Alison addresses the issue of "food security".

Professor Stephen Heppell – “Making learning surprising: The interface of education, technology and the economics of business”

Professor Stephen Heppell keynote at Creative Innovation 2011 centred around the topic "Making learning surprising: The interface of education, technology and the economics of business".

Paddy Miller – “The Evolution of Leadership”

In this presentation, Dr Paddy Miller focuses on four surprising insights on driving innovation that have been revealed through working with businesses that should have mastered most of the challenges of innovation on a global scale.

Brendan Boyle – “Design Thinking and the Power of Play”

Brendan Boyle is a leading design thinker, Partner at IDEO and Professor at Stanford University's d.School. He spoke about building up your creative confidence and believes that innovation is right at the edge of ridiculous ideas and that an environment is needed which isn't quite so judgemental about a ridiculous idea.

Michael Rennie – “Will a Super-Connected World Make Us Happier?”

In Michael Rennie's presentation at Ci2011, he talks about "Will a Super-Connected World Make us Happier?"

Alison Watkins – “Building healthy communities”

Alison Watkins, CEO of GrainCorp Ltd, discusses the importance of maintaining personal relationships in a 'super-connected world' in order to build healthy communities.

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