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Exponential Conversation at Ci2019: Innovating at Scale – Reinventing large Organisations, Government and Democracy

Exponential Conversation at Ci2019: Work 2.0 – Learning to Adapt

Dinner debate at Ci2017 – “What’s Unique About the Human Experience?”

Fine food, wine, a Grand Disruptive Debate featuring some of Ci2017's brightest minds.

Deep Conversations at Creative Innovation 2017 (Ci2017) – “Thriving in the Age of Acceleration”

Ci2017 Deep Conversation featured Brian Forde (USA), Patrycja Slawuta (USA), Raymond McCauley (USA), Zenia Tata (India), Neil Harbisson (USA) and the audience.

Deep Conversation at Creative Innovation 2015 (Ci2015) – “From Disruption to Sustainable Growth”

This Grand Debate addressed the rise of the machines and how we will live together in the near future.

Grand Debate at Creative Innovation 2015 (Ci2015) – “How will we humans compete with machines”

How will we humans compete with machines that can compose, diagnose and savour a rose?

Ethical Leadership: Complex dilemmas, practical solutions Part 2

Are we on our organisations being sabotaged by the rise of selfish 'me-centred' values and the relentless drive for profits?

Ray Kurzweil – “Exploiting the Emergent: Technology and the Future”

Futurist, inventor and entrepreneur Raymond Kurzweil presents at Creative Innovation 2011 about the acceleration of technology in the 21st century, and its impact on business, the economy and the future.

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