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Creative Innovation 2017 Asia Pacific Highlights

Creative Innovation 2017 Asia Pacific 'Human Intelligence 2.0, Thriving In The Age of Acceleration’'.

What is the greatest challenge to innovation?

In this interview Ci2013 speakers reveal that innovation happens at the "edges of the system" and also that it can be mastered like any discipline.

How can we improve innovation?

In this interview Ci2013 speakers explain how we can improve innovation by reaching out to the edges and involving innovation catalysts.

Ruslan Kogan – “From Garage to Global: The “Just-do-it” Attitude to Entrepreneurship”

Ruslan Kogan, founder and CEO of online retail shop, shared his personal story of entrepreneurship and its ups and downs.

Adam Kahane – “Transformative Scenario Planning”

Scenario planner Adam Kahane drew a distinction between adaptive scenarios, intended to help the participants understand and adapt to the future, and generative scenarios, intended also to help them influence and improve the future.

Li Cunxin – “Lessons of Creativity and Courage”

Li Cunxin, the author of Mao's Last Dancer, told us a vivid story of himself coming out of the time of Mao's revolution and how far he had come in his journey.

Professor Daniel Dennett – “Prospective gains and losses from the information explosion”

Professor Daniel Dennett, one of the world's leading philosophers and cognitive scientist talks about the 'Prospective gains and losses from the information explosion'.

Brendan Boyle – “Design Thinking and the Power of Play”

Brendan Boyle is a leading design thinker, Partner at IDEO and Professor at Stanford University's d.School. He spoke about building up your creative confidence and believes that innovation is right at the edge of ridiculous ideas and that an environment is needed which isn't quite so judgemental about a ridiculous idea.

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