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The Knowing Project performs at Creative Innovation 2016 (Ci2016)

In this special performance, Lamine and The Knowing Project bring Ci2016 attendees together to celebrate difference, unlock hidden potential and enable creative collective action.

Janet Borg performs at Creative Innovation 2016 (ci2016)

In this meditative performance Janet captivates the Ci2016 audience and invites them to reflect on the present moment.

Ci2016 Innovation Leader Scholarship Winners – 60 Second Pitches

The Creative Innovation Global scholarships are provided to emerging leaders to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow and help them access key decision makers across society and the economy.

Prof Stephen Heppell (UK) at Ci2016 – “Leading the change in Learning Innovation”

In this talk Stephen explores the link between technology and education in order to build schools of the future using learning innovation.

Scott Anthony (Singapore) at Ci2016 – “Dual Transformation: Becoming the Next Version of Yourself”

In this talk Scott explores Dual Transformation, an approach that encourages business to transform and innovate in order to avoid being disrupted.

Martin Ford (USA) at Ci2016 – “The Rise of the Robots–Threat of a Jobless Future”

In this talk Martin deliberates how robots are taking over the jobs of the future and questions whether we are prepared for this disruption.

David Gonski at Ci2016 – “How to transform our fear of failure to become an innovation nation”

In this talk David invites the Ci2016 audience to embrace failure and to go outside of their comfort zone in order to become more innovative.

Patrycja Slawuta (USA) at Ci2016 – “Hacking Failure: The Psychology of Basic Human Fears”

In this talk Patrycja encourages the Ci2016 audience to embrace their fears & hack failure.

Ramez Naam (USA) at Ci2016 – “Exponential Disruption meets Exponential Organizations”

In this talk Ramez urges the Ci2016 audience to think exponentially to solve some of the biggest challenges of our time.

Prof Rufus Black at Ci2016 – “The innovation we need to avoid the politics we don’t want”

Professor Rufus Black outlines the need to redesign the Australian economic system.

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